“60%”has been featured in “100 Growing Companies 2024” published by Nikkei BP.


The Nikkei Cross Trend editorial department has selected “100 Companies Creating the Market of the Future” expected to leap forward in 2024, and published the selected companies all at once in “100 Growing Companies 2024” issued on January 13, 2024. “60%” (Sixty Percent) was featured in this book as one of the 100 companies expected to leap forward in 2024.


About “60% (Sixty Percent)”:

Our aim is to be a unique “Fashion E-Commerce Company” that scales sensitivity into business by combining our artistic strengths, which are born from marketing that leads the trends by half a step, planning and creativity that captures the generation, with data, technology, and global science. We value sensitivity, always challenge new things, adopt new technologies, and create new values for the market to the world.

About the organization:

The team, with an average age of 25, operates very young and is a place where opinions can be freely exchanged regardless of age, duration of membership, or position. It’s a gathering of members interested in business, creativity, technology, and global perspectives.

  • Members who utilize language skills such as English and Korean due to many transactions with overseas brands.
  • Engineers who develop products used by people all over the world, like cross-border e-commerce.
  • Marketing members who love fashion and think of branding and marketing strategies that excite customers.

We need more power to push Asian fashion to the mainstream of the world, overcoming ranks and fixed concepts. We are looking for companions full of a spirit of challenge!