The fashion e-commerce platform “60%,” which consolidates Asian brands, has successfully raised a total of 460 million yen in funding. VERBAL will join as an advisor.


Sixty Percent Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Taiga Manabe), the operator of the cross-border fashion e-commerce “60%” that consolidates Asian brands, completed a third-party allocation of new shares led by existing investor KURONEKO Innovation Fund and debt financing from financial institutions, raising a total of 460 million yen. The cumulative fundraising amount is approximately 650 million yen. VERBAL, a manager/artist, also participated as an individual investor and will contribute as an advisor to the company in the future.

Established for 5 years, with 1,412 brands opening stores, it has become the largest cross-border fashion e-commerce platform in Japan.

As of December 2023, “60%” currently hosts over 1,500 brands from 10 Asian countries. The platform primarily features local and indie brands from various Asian regions. The Z generation, particularly those in their teens to twenties, who are interested in a product lineup not easily found in Japan, constitutes about 90% of the user base.

Since the last fundraising round in April 2021, the monthly Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) has grown by over five times. The number of handled brands has more than tripled, exceeding 100,000 products, making it the largest cross-border fashion e-commerce platform in Japan in terms of brand and product diversity. The recently acquired funds will be utilized to further expand domestically and initiate a more comprehensive international expansion.

VERBAL, who is active as both a business leader and artist, has joined the venture

In this latest funding round, VERBAL, an artist and also a business leader, has joined as one of the individual investors. Going forward, he is expected to contribute as an advisor, supporting our mission to “bring Asian fashion to the global mainstream.” His involvement will include providing assistance in our branding and business expansion efforts.

Comment from VERBAL:

“When asked about recommended Asian fashion brands, many people might struggle to come up with names off the top of their heads. In such a context, I was impressed by the fact that ‘60%’ serves as a hub with over 1,500 brands from various Asian countries. I am confident that ‘60%’ will continue to enhance its visibility globally as a portal focusing on Asian designers. I look forward to assisting in that journey.”

The international version of “60%” has also been released, accelerating its transformation into a “global marketplace.”

Up until now, our company has primarily operated targeting users within Japan. However, in March 2024, we will release the global version of our site (in English), and moving forward, we will expand our product offerings as a “global marketplace” for users both domestically and internationally.

Cross-border e-commerce presents challenges such as logistics, language, payments, and customer service (CS), making independent brand expansion difficult and costly. At “60%,” we have established our “proprietary cross-border e-commerce solution,” managing all these elements in-house. With this solution, brands can set up a system to start selling their products worldwide as early as three days after the contract, without incurring significant initial and operational costs. We plan to further expand the number of handled brands and available countries, accelerating our global expansion.

Entering the “second chapter,” we have undertaken a rebranding of our services. Additionally, we are accelerating hiring across all positions.

Our first chapter saw steady growth by expanding Asian brands into the Japanese market. Looking ahead, to further achieve our mission of “bringing Asian fashion to the global mainstream,” we are taking a bold step into a new “second chapter” to expand Asian brands to the world. Alongside this, we have conducted a rebranding of our services and unveiled a refreshed logo and tagline.

To support further business expansion, we are intensifying our hiring efforts across all positions, including CxO candidates, engineers, Product Managers (PdM), marketing professionals, content planners, and more. If you are interested in this challenge, please feel free to contact us through the information below. Let’s create a new scene together from Asia!

【About Us】

“60% – SIXTYPERCENT” is a global fashion store that exclusively features brands from Asia. Catering to young people aged 10 to 20, it offers a diverse selection of over 1500 brands and more than 110,000 items from over 10 Asian countries, including Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia (as of February 2024). The store is divided into themed areas such as “Levely,” “Daily,” and “Goods,” catering to different tastes and categories. With a focus on street brands, it provides a wide-ranging lineup that meets various fashion needs, including casual wear, designer brands, and lifestyle brands.


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【Company Overview】

Founded in July 2018, Sixty Percent is an Asian-centric global fashion e-commerce store dedicated to curating brands from Asia. Targeting the demographic of young individuals aged 10 to 20, the store offers a diverse range of over 1500 brands and more than 110,000 items, with a focus on street brands and a selection spanning casual, designer, and lifestyle brands (as of February 2024). With the mission of “Bringing Asian Fashion to the World’s Mainstream,” the company aspires to become the largest fashion company in Asia as of February 2024.

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  • Representative: Daisuke Manabe (President and CEO)
  • Location: 1-33-15 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Establishment: July 2018
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