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"60% (Sixtypercent)" is a global fashion store that exclusively curates brands from Asia. Catering mainly to teenagers and young adults in their 20s, it offers over 1,500 brands and more than 110,000 items from more than 10 Asian countries including South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia (as of February 2024). The store features specialized areas for different tastes and categories such as "Levely," "Daily," and "Goods," providing a diverse lineup that meets a wide range of fashion needs, from streetwear and casual to designer and lifestyle brands.

"LEVELY” is a high-end brand area within '60%', specializing in street and designer brands and offering hard-to-find items from Asia. The key visual is created by “Ryuji Kamiyama”, who started in the early 90s as the founder and designer of the apparel brand 'FAMOUZ' in Urahara, Tokyo. Now, he is an artist who attracts global attention.

"ASIAN VOICE is a cultural media platform operated by the global fashion e-commerce site '60%'. It features unique insights into real Asian trends and personal careers from prominent Asian fashion designers and founders, reaching readers worldwide. To date, over 50 interviews have been published.”


Since our founding in July 2018, we have set our mission to "Bring Asian fashion to the mainstream of the world," aiming to become the largest fashion company in Asia. Conventional wisdom is boring, and the beaten path doesn't quicken our heartbeat. We prefer to create a stir, a noise that shakes people's hearts, rather than predictable, correct answers. That's the kind of people who gather at "SIXTYPERCENT." We're looking for comrades to take on challenges with us.


Company Name SIXTYPERCENT Inc.
CEO (Co-founder) Taiga Manabe
CBO (Co-founder) Nanae Matsuoka
Founded July 20, 2018
Capital 444million yen (including capital reserve)
Location 1-8-1 Nakameguro, VORT Nakameguro I 1F, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0061, Japan
Legal Advisor Yokogi&Masui Law Office